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Empower Search and Rescue Solutions

In emergency response of Search and Rescue (SAR) operations, every moment is crucial, and every tool employed can make a life-saving difference. Our H850 is quickly ready for use and makes the reconnaissance and analysis of the disaster area faster and easier.

  • Reach hard to access areas
  • Identify life with thermal camera
  • Bring live saving equipment
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The E20Pro is a waterproof thermal camera and is a game-changer in critical situations. Its thermal imaging capabilities allow it to penetrate darkness, smoke, and other obstacles, enabling it to get close to critical areas where traditional methods may fall short.

  • Waterproof
  • Thermal sensor data
  • Visible light camera data
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SAR - the precise airdrop solution

Our SAR throwing device supports significant rescue missions in hard-to-access areas. The four hooks function as carrier for essential items such as life vests, water, and communication devices. In the race against time, this powerful partner bridges the gap until the first aid team reaches the scene.

  • 4 hooks max. 3kg
  • Hooks can be individually controlled
  • No separate gimbal needed
Empower your search and rescue team with the tools they need to save lives.
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