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Our professional UAV platforms

Our UAVs, commonly called drones, are developed for industrial and professional applications, delivering excellent performance and reliability.

  • Here's why our drones stand out
  • Hexacopter Design for Enhanced Stability and Safety is a robust platform for reliable industrial settings
  • Versatile Exchangeable Payloads easy to exchange in seconds, allowing a seamless switch between various tools and to meet the requirements of different projects.
  • Triple Payload Capacity supports the requirements especially in Search and Rescue.
  • Extended Flight Duration Thanks to smart batteries, hot-swappable and with fast charging ability.
  • Battery safety Dual battery for added reliability and safety. Redundancy in the air.
Our drones


Specially developed for inspections, surveys, public safety applications and fawn rescue.

The H850 is equipped with a dual IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit – attitude determination module), a compass, a barometer, two RTK antennas and two intelligent flight batteries. Even with only five engines running, you can fly the H850 to a safe landing.

With the H850 Power Charging Case you can charge four H850 batteries and two T-One batteries at the same time!

The hardcase design allows you to store and transport the batteries safely. The compact design makes the charging case easy to transport.

Get it now or contact us for a demonstration!


Reliable and robust - the H520E. The basic drone for emergency services, police, fire brigade, inspection and surveying teams! Designed for professional use.

More stable through hexacopter design.

Our drone solution supports the animal rescue, agriculture and many more industries. Safe and efficient.

Get it now or contact us for a demonstration!
Our customers
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