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About Us

  • Found 1999 in HongKong.
  • Professional drone development since 2014.
  • Offices in China, Germany, Switzerland and United States.
  • We are the world’s largest manufacturer of radio-controlled model aircraft (OEM).
  • Founding member and largest drone producer in Dronecode, the industry open-source platform for collaborative innovation.
  • More than one million drones sold.
  • 2021 Joined the ATL-Swiss group.

Our Vision
Our Mission

The sensible use of UAVs is close to our hearts. Fast and precise data collection for the professional use is more important than ever.
Especially when surveying and inspecting in places that are difficult to access and at heights, such as rooftops, bridges and wind turbines, the risk of accidents to employees is enormous. With our solution, this risk is massively minimized.
In the world of humanitarian aid and crisis response, precision and efficiency are paramount. At ATL Drone, we are proud to offer a solution that can make the difference in critical moments and catastrophes and save more life’s.

We aim to become the global leader in professional drone solutions and provide innovative multicopters for the enterprise sectors.

Our focus is on UAS for precise and efficient surveying, mapping, inspection, safety & rescue and agriculture.
Use cases are to find on farms, urban construction sites, bridge, rail and highway networks, power stations, fire brigades and police.
Our copters are stable and safe trough the Hexacopter design with individually exchangeable payloads, that have been developed for individual use cases.
Most important is the security of your data. Our platform ensures data safety as no data are transferred to external servers.

We are here for you!

We have a repair, service and maintenance center on-site in Germany and in Switzerland. Please open a ticket first. Depending on your location, you can schedule an appointment.

Almost all Yuneec drones will be repaired: Typhoon H, Typhoon H+, Typhoon H3, H520, H520E and the H850. Exceptions are the Tornado 920 and 920+.

We offer you an inspection of your drone equipment at any time. Have the drone, remote control and batteries checked in our workshop. Our warehouse is a little treasure trove and may have just the part you need.
Don’t hesitate to ask us.

Your ATL – YUNEEC Team

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