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Take your crops health on a new level

Our MS400 multispectral camera

  • Enhanced Crop Assessment
  • Nurturing Growth
  • Pest and Disease Assessment
  • Yusense Map Plus Software
Take care of your crops and order now!
Our Product:
The MS400 + H850
MS400 Specifications Multispectral RGB
  • Effective Pixels 1.3Mpx 8.0Mpx
  • Bit Depth 12bit 8bit
  • FOV 36.76°× 31.32° 37.57° × 28.66°
  • Resolution 1080 H × 1280 V 2464 H × 3280 V
  • Aperture F/2 2 F/2.5
  • Ground Pixel Resolution 6.23cm@h120m 2.49cm@h120m
  • Typical Area 80m×67m 82m×61m
  • Spectral channels 555, 660, 720, 840 nm
  • Weight 277g
  • Storage Micro SD card: Max capacity of 128 GB
  • Shutter frequency 1Hz
  • Working temperature 10°C~ +50°C
  • Environment humidity RH(%) <85%
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Use Cases
Enhanced Crop Assessment

The multispectral camera delves into the essence of crop assessment, unravelling the complexities of vegetation health. The results guide farmers towards informed decisions in irrigation, fertilization, plant protection, and yield assessment.

Our solution supports agriculture, where data becomes the foundation for a thriving agricultural future.

Nurturing Growth

As soon as seedlings break through the soil, the MS400 is essential in agriculture. With an eye on seedling emergence assessment, the multispectral camera provides insights crucial for optimizing the early stages of plant growth. By identifying health states and growth patterns, the MS400 equips farmers with the knowledge to nurture emerging crops rapidly. The MS400 orchestrates data, ensuring that each seedling has the opportunity to reach its full potential.

Pest and Disease Assessment

In the constant battle against pests and diseases, the MS400 is a guardian of crops. Multispectral images allow an accurate assessment of potential threats, offering farmers an unprecedented tool in plant protection. By detecting early signs of stress and anomalies, the MS400 empowers proactive measures, ensuring crops remain healthy and robust.

The MS400 identifies challenges and enables farmers to address them precisely and efficiently.

Yusense Map Plus Software

Behind the MS400’s seamless integration into agriculture lies the technological backbone – Yusense Map Plus Software. With its pre-processing and data analysis capabilities, Yusense Map Plus transforms raw multispectral data into actionable insights.

This software shapes the MS400’s data into a result that guides farmers toward sustainable practices, efficient resource management, and a successful harvest by unleashing the Power of Data.

Join in improving the daily life of farming and shape a more resilient and productive agricultural landscape.
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