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eSpyder photo by "Craig Peyton"

The ESpyder is the perfect evolution of the renowned Flightstar Spyder Ultralight and the advanced Yuneec Electric Power System

The proven Flightstar airframe has received dozens of upgrades to enable it to be easily and affordably operated as an electric aircraft. The Yuneec 24KW (32hp) electric power system has been tested extensively and it utilizes mature battery technologies that are currently mass produced for the computer and electric vehicle industries. The electric power system can be fast charged in around two hours and it enables the plane to fly for up to an hour, with a thirty minute reserve still available upon landing. The ESpyder is extremely quiet (51dB), virtually vibration free, environmentally friendly, and cost effective.

In February 2013, Yuneec achieved DULV Type Certification for the ESpyder aircraft and was awarded German Type Certificate number 830-13 1. This achievement was a major milestone in making electric aviation a reality, and it is the result of many years of testing and refinement. As the first certified electric aircraft, the ESpyder is pioneering the emergence of electric flight as a practical and affordable alternative to traditional gas powered aircraft.

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